Project Manager

tmrrw inc is looking for a full time project manager to help our team manager our internal team with projects as well as maintaining new and existing relationships with our clients.

Position Details


  • Project management for existing contracts - traditional predictive as well as agile adaptive methods
  • Monitor and control timelines
  • Facilitate daily standup meetings
  • Host or facilitate weekly planning or retrospectives
  • Set up projects for clients in project management software
  • Other Project Management Duties/Responsibilities


  • Project management experience (predictive, iterative, hybrid)
  • Post secondary diploma or degree
  • Course or certificate in project management preferred
  • Experienced and comfortable with technology - this is a highly technical and software heavy position; you’re not expected to know each software but some level of comfort is required

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary group of creative and tech savvy professionals with our eyes firmly focused on the future. Driven by results, we continue to separate our clients from their competitors.

We Are Good

We don’t compromise our commitment to kindness and respect in pursuit of “business goals”. We know being good to one another is the foundation of all meaningful success.

We Are Learners

We leave our egos at the door and start each day with an open mind and a students attitude. We challenge each other, share from our experiences and inspire growth.

We are Accountable

Teams without accountability fail. It’s through ownership and taking responsibility that we can be accountable to our clients, our co-workers and ourselves.

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