The iconic Taylor’s Furniture building has long been observed as one of Sarnia’s most historic buildings. The site now known as the location where the notorious gangster and bank robber Red Ryan was slain has failed to reach its potential since the closure of Taylor's Furniture in 2010. In 2017 our team at tmrrw inc. (formally known as Tomorrow Media) approached the property owners with a pitch to revitalize the building by creating a coworking space and retail incubation for small to medium sized businesses.

Our team helped transform the identity of 140 Christina Street North from "The old Taylor's furniture building" to "the altspace". A multi functional building equipped with 8 offices, retail incubation market and an event center.

On top of partnering in the business development of the building our team developed a completely custom web experience to reflect the uniquely abstract brand identity we also designed.

Sarnia coworking
136 Christina St N.
Sarnia, ON N7T 5T9